Congruent Expansion

If whatever you think about other people indicates what you think about yourself..

And whatever you think about your thoughts is what you think towards parts of yourself.

The act of becoming consciously aware of these thoughts, the way you feel, and the actions you take because of the thoughts and feelings ushers in the state of the whole self. 

How does one know that the whole self is present and parts have moved to the side? This is an identification skill well worth learning. When operating from your whole self, you can integrate, release, feel self-love, feel compassion, think outside of paradigms, step out of a problem trance, empathize, and expand your consciousness.

An environment conducive for self-learning operates on the basis of curiosity, compassion, calmness, creativity, courage, clarity, connectedness, and confidence. These are the indications that you are in a state of wholeness.

Then when you can consciously step into your whole self, you are able to find the root cause of this self-conflict and system you’ve created of talking to yourself. And see the power of your mind to manifest experiences, people, and entire situations in order to become congruent.

It’s really beautiful how our unconscious mind can be the teacher and student for itself. It’s like a self-healing mechanism that never rests. And when you know you are a student and a teacher for yourself, it’s so empowering.

I’m thinking that wholeness is like being a parent and child simultaneously. A student and a teacher all at once. 

How curious of a teacher or parent can you be for yourself? How compassionate? How calm? How creative? How courageous? How clear? How connected? How confident?

And an incongruence could be when a part of you needs parenting or teaching. And when we don’t gain the learning or parenting the inner-student or inner-child sometimes attracts unwanted emotions, problems, or negative experiences to gain resolution.

And to become congruent once again, all you need is to re-embrace the parent-child or teacher-student and gain resolution, learnings, self-love, self-compassion. 

Then you can see problems, negative experiences, and unwanted emotions as manifestations of your unconscious mind to heal. And you’ll see it’s a child in you needing parenting or a student needing teaching.

However you think about these manifestations, indicates how you think about yourself.

And whatever you think about your thoughts about the manifestation is how you think towards parts of yourself.

And if you can become conscious of these manifestations, you can clear out the unwanted ones and open space for your true desires and goals.

So if you can reframe yourself to step into wholeness about triggers or experiencing unwanted states, you can resolve any incongruence.

And now you are congruent to manifest from whole-self.

And you are self-empowered to do that. Look at all the experiences you’ve created and attracted. You are a powerful human being.

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