Quantum Parts Therapy Is A Holistic Approach To Overall Health

QPT looks at the main seven areas of life in order to find the root cause of the symptoms showing up in the mind, body, or spirit. All things in health fall into one of these main categories and when one finds balance in all areas, overall health thrives and people are able to create their desired reality with no internal or external resistance.

Understanding Quantum Parts Therapy

Quantum is a unit of measure, it’s the minimum amount of energy involved in an interaction. In Latin, quanta means ‘how much’. A photon is a quantum of light. In quantum physics, it has been proven that a photon is both a particle and a wave until you choose how to measure it. A particle is a portion of matter. A wave is a consistent frequency.

So… Why Is It Important?

In Quantum Parts Therapy, the photons that we are observing are our emotions. By shifting our perspective of the particles of emotion that are stored in the body, we can change them into waves and free ourselves of dis-ease, illness, unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior, and much more.

Parts are pieces of our consciousness that fractured off at a point in time to take on a role. They are the voices we hear in our minds that help us navigate daily life. Each part of us has a specific role in our minds and it takes it very seriously. Parts can come to creation through repeated emotional, repetitive behavior in the environment, or repeated traumatic experiences. They can also be passed down through ancestry and manifest from other dimensional experiences.

Each part has its own personality, attitude, traits, believes, values, and valuable skills. Parts each store mass amounts of emotion in different forms. When we work with our parts, we can release the emotion (shifting particles to waves) and utilize the release of energy to create our desired reality.

How Do We Work With Parts?

We work with parts as a whole system. There are 3 main types of parts and they work to protect the mind from further fracturing and traumatization. They all have relationships with each other. First is exiled parts, which some refer to as the ‘inner child’, they are the first to fracture off in the system and are carrying the origin of trauma and emotion.

There are protector parts, which have mechanisms to repress, protect, and push out the exiled parts from the system so we can function in society. They have direct relationships with the exiled parts and other protectors. Lastly, we have distractor parts, which when the protective mechanisms do not work, surface with behaviors and thought patterns to distract from the exiled parts’ emotion or trauma. All parts are storing data.

Names of parts and general theory of parts is derived from Richard Schwartz’ Internal Family Systems Therapy. Click here to check out the IFS Institute.

What Is Stored As Data?

Quantum Parts Therapy focuses in on the area of health that is unfavorable and identifies the data stored in the relevant parts to systematically shift into our desired reality.

Once the exiled part that is causing the imbalance in health comes to conscious awareness, we utilize the Quantum Belief Shift method to heal.

After bio-locating the root belief causing the incoherence in the body, we utilize the Law of Supposition to quantum shift our beliefs. The Law of Supposition says that the perception of an observer determines whether a photon will be a wave or a particle. Once we shift the emotional photon into a wave, the body releases the incoherence and the nervous system naturally re-attunes to bring back balance.

Cat Kent, Founder

“I am a grateful human being on a mission to heal. I am in love with life and it didn’t start that way or happen overnight. I have discovered how to streamline the process of self-healing and how to coach individuals through this process. I am constantly up-leveling my process and skillset to greater serve each individual. I am here for you, let me be your guiding light”.


Creator of Quantum Parts Therapy, a revolutionary healing modality raising consciousness and bringing balance.

Certified Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist

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Certified Trainer & Master of Quantum Time Technique

Certified Trainer & Master Life Coach

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