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The Importance of Ecology

What is Ecology? A word often used, yet rarely defined. What does it mean and why is it important? Mainly used and explained in the context of environmental science, I am interested in sharing how this powerful concept intersects with individuals and groups in… Communication Parenting Relationships Coaching “Ecology is the study of the environment,…

Presuppositions of Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP)

What are presuppositions? A presupposition is something that is assumed by a person speaking or listening. A presupposition can indicate the filters that one has in their unconscious mind. Those filters include: beliefs, values, attitudes, memories, and meta programs. When an individual speaks, the meaning of what they say is highly influenced by these filters. When…

Congruent Expansion

If whatever you think about other people indicates what you think about yourself.. And whatever you think about your thoughts is what you think towards parts of yourself. The act of becoming consciously aware of these thoughts, the way you feel, and the actions you take because of the thoughts and feelings ushers in the…

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