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Quantum Parts Therapy (QPT)

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My favorite part of this service is the safety I feel in receiving Cat’s gentle and guided healing. Her accuracy with what’s going on with me and the space she holds in moving through and breaking through deep layers are massively transformational. Things start shifting in my life instantly after working with her. She is extraordinarily powerful“.
-Natalia, Texas, 2022
QPT Session60 Minutes$275.00 + tax
QPT 4 Series 60 Minutes Each$1,039.00 + tax
QPT 8 Series60 Minutes Each$1,999.00 + tax

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Quantum Parts Therapy Abundance Packages

Financial Health Focused Quantum Parts Therapy


My favorite part of the service was the accuracy of Cat’s intuition. An important business deal closed soon after I worked with Cat. I was owed $1M and was worried that the other side couldn’t pay. This resolved shortly after working with Cat.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I literally found $2,000 underneath a mattress the same day I had my second session. I am manifesting ABUNDANCE in all forms! And the best part is I’m finally being my authentic sassy self

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bronze Package


  • 3 QPT Sessions
  • Abundance Hypnosis

Silver Package


  • 6 QPT Sessions
  • Custom Abundance Hypnosis
  • Money Manifestation

Gold Package


  • 9 QPT Sessions
  • Custom Abundance Hypnosis
  • Custom Money Manifestation
  • 4 Elemental Abundance Ritual

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