“Our intention was healing our dog (Yoshi) and healing ourselves. We were connecting and being moved in our session with Yoshi and able to really hear his voice through Cat. Our lives have been shifted immensely, it has been transformative. Most satisfying for us at the moment is Yoshi’s bladder issue being resolved, not just a little bit, it has been resolved completely. Our relationship with Yoshi is transformed and this part of the work is rewarding everyday. Truly thankful to Cat and our work with her.”

-Jenny and Harry, Marina Del Rey, CA, 2022

“My intention was to clear my chakras and deepen my connection to the divine. Each week that I have worked with Cat I have gained more clarity. It is like someone has cleaned the window between me and universal energy and knowledge. It feels amazing! Working with Cat has been educational and impactful. I am more energetically and spiritually open and connected to source than I ever thought possible. Each interaction has shifted my perspective and the power of the possible. My energy feels lighter and my body/mind is operating at a higher frequency.”

-Anonymous, 2022

“My intention was to focus on digestive issues I have had for years. I wanted to better understand the interplay between energies and these issues. My favorite part was uncovering beliefs I was not consciously of until answering Cat’s questions. Realized I have beliefs that my body is aware of that my conscious mind might not be. After some energy shifted, I felt more open space and calmer energy where there was past tension and discomfort. During the service I experienced moments of intense heat and many emotions surfaced. Cat did a fantastic job of listening, witnessing and moving the conversation forward with compassion and humor.”

-Anonymous, 2022

“This was the most incredibly life-changing session. I feel my entire DNA shifted during our time together. I went from confused and conflicted to completely CERTAIN. It reconnected me with a deep sense of knowing about who I am and where I come from! I gained a sense of reassurance and as much proof as I needed to move forward with my life in a profound, powerful way. The synchronicities that have transpired since then have been nothing short of miraculous. I’m still working on the integration of it all but I also trust that it’s exactly the way it’s meant to be. My great grandmother came through with a profound message that even WEEKS later, I keep coming back to. Cat downloaded a powerful code into me from her and I felt waves of heat throughout my body. I was able to tap into it as well, so it was a really unique experience for both of us to share. I’m profoundly grateful.”

-Phoebe, Austin, TX, 2022

“My intention was to heal myself of stage 4 synovial sarcoma. Cat was very inspirational with her work and gave me a huge boost in confidence that I have the ability to heal myself. My AV node in my heart was cut out during surgery, I was fully reliant on a pacemaker and as of today my heart makes its own heartbeat again. We are working with doctors for how my heart continues to heal and if I’m able to put my pacemaker in ‘standby’ mode and let my heart create its own beat without the pacer. I finished my cancer treatment in May, I have been able to live without any treatment since and looking to have another clear scan in the next few weeks.”

-Anonymous, 2022

“My favorite part of the service was the accuracy of Cat’s intuition. An important business deal closed soon after I worked with Cat. I was owed $1M and was worried that the other side couldn’t pay. This resolved shortly after working with Cat.”

-Henry, Austin, TX, 2022

“My favorite part of the service was the lightness I feel now. I feel more joy. I have been able to be around family without feeling triggered. So much…we healed my childhood self. Allowing me to enjoy where I am now. I loved it so much . I wish everyone could experience this.”

-Angela, Dallas, TX, 2022

-Rina, Austin, TX, 2022

“My favorite part was how easy and comfortable it was. My intention was to ‘get to know myself’. I felt safe and guided through the experience even as vulnerable topics came up. I feel a greater understanding and love for myself. Learning more about myself through my session has helped me trust my own intuition more. I was able to pinpoint limiting beliefs I had and reframe those by going back to the experience where I first learned that belief.”

-Chelsie, Utah, 2022

“I’ve never quite had a healing like I had with Cat. She’s so tapped in and I loved how she’s taken many modalities and become an expert with bringing your parts together to fully accepting all of you the way it is. I had 2 sessions with Cat, one of the shifts I noticed right after the first session was how much my relationship with my partner was right for me and how I was living into stories that weren’t mine. After the second session which were a week a part I literally found $2,000 underneath a mattress the same day I had my second session. I am manifesting ABUNDANCE in all forms! And the best part is I’m finally being my authentic sassy self, the parts of me I rejected are now integrated with my whole self and I’m excited to see everything in my life and business continue to unfold so magically. Cat is magic! I highly recommend working with her. She’s so tapped in and I’m definitely going to be working more with her. I am at the level in my life where I’m diving even deeper into my transformative journey of unlocking my magical powers and Cat is only getting started! Thank you Cat for choosing to work with me”.

-Tara, Carlsbad, CA, 2022

“In the beginning we started with NLP and then we moved into energy work/chakra healing. I noticed how there were “different voices” that were self sabotaging things I have been doing in my life and we were able to identify them and work through them. When we started doing energy healing my whole body started to convulse a little and energy was flowing through me. The service was absolutely amazing! It felt as if “dark” energy was taken off of my heart and my body and I felt so much lighter and filled with love! I feel way more confident in myself and my intuition”.

-Zach, Tampa, FL, 2022

“My favorite part of this service is the safety I feel in receiving Cat’s gentle and guided healing. Her accuracy with what’s going on with me and the space she holds in moving through and breaking through deep layers are massively transformational. Things start shifting in my life instantly after working with her. She is extraordinarily powerful. I feel lucky to have the ability to work with her. She is a true gem and her psychic abilities truly amaze me. I had many breakthroughs in only one session with Cat. The breakthrough of the emotional root cause of pain that had been harbored on my back for 10 years, the opening of my heart and the releasing of massive people and energy I had been holding on to. I get instant results in clearing huge blocks, including ones in my love life or reflections that have been causing me pain”.

-Natalia, Austin, TX, 2022

“My favorite part was feeling energy move. There’s definitely been an increase in desire and aetheric energy flow”.

-Sean, Houston, TX, 2022

“Cat made me feel completely at ease and really allowed me to be vulnerable in sharing my thoughts and feelings that I been holding in for years and also giving me confidence that I am capable and worthy of everything that I want for myself! The service gave me insight into myself that I didn’t know existed as well as allowed me to be completely authentic in how I feel about myself. I also learned how to give myself permission to be who I truly am. Cat was phenomenal, it was way more than what I was expecting!”

-Jing, Austin, TX, 2022

-Jenna, Austin, TX, 2021

-Taylor, Austin, TX, 2021

“I felt really held and like Cat was available for questions and follow up! I was able to hear my guides more easily when Clairaudience had been my most difficult sense to master”.

-Chelsea, Austin, TX, 2021

“My favorite part was the palpable and physical connection, even through the computer. The service was so powerful, so subtle, so intricate, and it wove so many themes of my life and past lives together, I could barely wrap my head around just how much was clearing in the moment. Now that I’ve sat with it for a month, and re-watched the replays, it’s very obvious to me that Cat is a master at seeing and delivering relevant information that would otherwise lay dormant and accumulating dust. I believe it was a pivotal moment for me and the breakthroughs are and will just continue, sometimes in ways I won’t even consciously realize”.

-Audrey, Shrewsbury, MA, 2021

“My favorite part was how in tune cat is with reading my energy and helping me to unblock my chakras and energy for healing and releasing. The service was very energy driven with a lot of release that was felt physically. I have noticed back pain that has been persistent the last couple weeks and lingers despite massage therapy and chiropractor work. Cat used energy work to help heal with family issues but it helped release the tightness and pain in back as it intensified and spread to my shoulder and neck before dissipating”.

-Anonymous, Oahu, HI, 2021

“My favorite part was the reprogramming of negative beliefs into positive self worth. I feel lighter, happier and freer”.

-Sandy, Encinitas, CA, 2021

“Cat facilitated one of the most profound experiences of my life, opening and aligning my chakras, and integrating loving compassionate energy towards many parts of myself. She is a powerful and peaceful human being and I am so grateful for her. I highly recommend”.

-Joel, Austin, TX, 2021

“All of it, it was great and mind blowing. Felt connected, served, and expanding. Lot’s of breakthroughs, tapping into past lives, actually seeing different events in my mind that had been repressed. I am now seeing much more clearly in my mind’s eye my internal events. Also, connecting with my spirit guides while getting information and inspiration. It was quite intense and I just relaxed into it to allow it all to flow out. Truly my first time experiencing this work to this intensity”.

-Forrest, St. George, UT, 2021

“Working with Cat was amazing. She guided me on discovering my spirit guides and protecting myself. She also helped me understand more about feeling into my intuition and how it shows up in my body. We also discovered some blocks and got a better understanding of different parts within and what their jobs are. So grateful for my time with Cat”.

-Ariane, Austin, TX, 2021

“I do not feel that words can truly encompass the work that Catherine does. When I met her, I knew she was special in a way I had not encountered before in this life. It was glaringly obvious that it was meant to happen. My natural tendency is to be skeptical of everything, and to hesitate before exchanging payment for any service or product, even if I want it. This was not the case with Catherine, at all. My experience during her service was the most profound and influential in my life and the energy will be with me forever. I was connected with my own spiritual guides (who are freakin’ legit!!) that have always been in my life, but now I can actually feel them with me. After my session, my voice came from a new place in my body and my laugh bubbled up more readily and more often. I feel the urge to smile and express my love more than I ever have in my life. I have no doubt that my experience with Catherine has changed me, and I can’t wait to see what is next! Many Mahalos, Catherine!!”

-Katie, Austin, TX, 2021

“When I first learned that my friend experienced a healing session with Catherine I was instantly intrigued and excited to learn what she discovered. I also wanted to book a session, and was initially saddened to learn that she was in a different part of the country from where I live. I do know from other Reiki and energy practitioners that energy and connection are not limited by proximity. I began my spiritual rediscovery with an energy healer two years ago, so I know how potent this type of therapy can be. Perhaps all of us have seen the quote ‘Your grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you’. While I truly believe this, in my case the pain and suffering experienced by my ancestors were also present in my energies, which Catherine was able to sense and clear. From the minute we connected on the phone, I could feel the powerful connection that Catherine made to me. During our session, I could feel my physical body release what my energetic being needed to clear. She made me feel safe during the whole session. She helped remove the generational and ancestral scars that I knew were present, but I wasn’t able to clear with my own practice. I now have a better sense of clarity in my pursuit of my own spiritual and energetic growth. She gave me tools to support my healing in the form of prayers, crystal recommendations, and meditation practices.  She is still supporting me and checking in with not only myself, but also my daughter, with whom I’m very connected with. I feel empowered and encouraged to connect with my own energies, gifts, and spirit guides. Thank you Catherine for sharing your gift of healing. I am looking forward to an in person session sometime in the future. With lots of love and Aloha, thank you so very much!”

-Jan, Oahu, HI, 2021

“There is so much going on inside of us that we don’t know about. Even when we are directly tuning into Spirit. Catherine is someone who can feel out the spaces that seem in the dark and she brings light into them. We did our work over the phone and I genuinely felt brighter and lighter after our time. I have had a much clearer connection for me to my whole self. The work was refining. It’s hard to put into words because it really is experience. So simply put, I’m thankful for the energy healing, and even over the phone, there was a closeness and a moving spirit that I appreciate so so much”.

-Anthony, Los Angeles, CA, 2021

“Going into my chakra clearing/healing with Catherine, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I meditate regularly and have participated in plant medicine ceremonies, but have never experienced a one-on-one healing session before. She used touch, guided meditation, and visualization to help rid me of ancestral trauma as well as my own trauma, especially blockages that I developed during this past year of uncertainty and upheaval. She pinpointed specific areas where channels were blocked, and helped me to clear them. When we were finished, my heart felt light and open, and my intuitive abilities were heightened. I was rid of deep fear and anxiety that I’ve carried for a long time. My channel to the divine feels direct, and days later I am further developing my intuition and regularly receiving messages regarding personal decisions and life path. Catherine cleared me of blockages and helped me to tap into my own intuitive abilities, and I am so grateful. Because I feel more connected to myself, I now feel more connected to the people in my life, and humanity as a whole. A heaviness was lifted. I feel more grounded, and have a greater sense of compassion for all beings, including myself. It’s much easier to operate from love rather than fear, since my healing with Catherine. I will definitely be seeing her again for even deeper healing!”

-Lauren, Austin, TX, 2021

“As a Reiki Master, Catherine has the ability to unwind and help people grow. During a Reiki session, she placed stones on my body to awaken my chakras. The smell of incense, the peaceful music, and her specific energetic touch have been all together, a unique combination to clear my mind and enjoy new aspects of life. During the healing session, I was gifted with beautiful memories from my childhood surrounded by family. I personally felt grateful, calm, and very relaxed after the session, when I was positively surprised by her broad intelligence and open-mindedness during a pleasant discussion with her. As an outcome, I strongly recommend Catherine’s treatments for both her professional healing skills and deep understanding of people’s needs”.

-Martin, Austin, TX, 2021

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